May 29, 2024

Basketball Africa League: Teams that will compete in Egypt and Senegal for BAL Season 3.

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Basketball Africa League announced the 12 qualified teams for the BAL Season 3 that will take place in Dakar, Senegal and Cairo, Egypt.

The five BAL debutants are Kwara Falcons (Nigeria), Abidjan Basket Club (Cote d’Ivoire), Stade Malien (Mali), Al Ahly (Egypt), and City Oilers (Uganda).

The teams that will compete in Dakar on the 11th – 21st March 2023 include the following; Abidjan BC Fighters (Ivory Coast), AS Douanes (Senegal), Kwara Falcons (Nigeria), Rwanda EG (Rwanda), Stade Malien (Mali) and US Monastir (Tunisia).

Sahara Conference Fixtures:

11-15 March 2023

AS Douanes vs ABC Fighters

Rwanda REG vs Kwara Falcons

Stade Malien vs US Monastir

Kwara Falcons vs Stade Malien

ABC Fighters vs Rwanda REG

US Monastir vs Kwara Falcons

Rwanda REG vs AS Douanes

17-21 March

ABC Fighters vs US Monastir

AS Douanes vs Stade Malien

Stade Malien vs Rwanda REG

Kwara Falcons vs AS Douanes

Kwara Falcons vs ABC Fighters

Rwanda REG vs US Monastir

Stade Malien vs ABC Fighters

US Monastir vs AS Douanes

Meet the BAL teams that will compete in Cairo, Egypt; Al Ahly (Egypt), Cape Town Tigers (South Africa), City Oilers (Uganda), Beira CFV (Mozambique), Petro de Luanda (Angola) and Seydou Legacy AC (Guinea).

It will take place on the 26th April – 6th May 2023.

Nile Conference Fixtures:

26 – 30 April

Al Ahly vs CFV Beira

SLAC vs Cape Town Tigers

Petro de Luanda vs City Oilers

CFV Beira vs Petro de Luanda

City Oilers vs AL Ahly

SLAC vs CFV Beira

Petro de Luanda vs Cape Town Tigers

2-6 May

City Oilers vs SLAC

Cape Town Tigers vs AL Ahly

SLAC vs Petro de Luanda

CFV Beira vs Cape Town Tigers

City Oilers vs CFV Beira

Petro de Luanda vs Al Ahly

Cape Town Tigers vs City Oilers

Al Ahly vs SLAC

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