May 18, 2024


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The Bika Byabaganda Football and Netball Committee (BIFONEC) announced the commencement of the 50th edition of the Bika Football tournament, which began on Saturday, April 27th, at Wankulukuku.

The opening match witnessed record champions Mmamba Namakaka facing off against Butiiko, resulting in a 3-2 victory for Butiiko.

The tournament, slated to run from April to June, will feature games played on a home and away basis. Four venues have been selected for the matches: Lukuli Kirombe grounds, Kawanda SS, Lubiri SS, and Uganda Martyrs Lubaga grounds.

Round of 64
Friday, 3rd May:
– Lukuli Kirombe Grounds:
  – 10:00 am: Njaza vs Kibe
  – 12:00 pm: Kasimba vs Kayozi
  – 2:00 pm: Mmamba Namakaka vs Nkerebwe
  – 4:00 pm: Olulyo Olulangira vs Ntalaganya

– Kawanda SS Grounds:
  – 10:00 am: Nvubu vs Nvuma
  – 12:00 pm: Ngabi Nyunga vs Mpewo
  – 2:00 pm: Mmamba Kakoboza vs Ngaali
  – 4:00 pm: Ndiga vs Nkusu

Sunday, 5th May:
– Lubiri SS Grounds:
  – 10:00 am: Kayozi vs Kasimba
  – 12:00 pm: Kibe vs Njaza
  – 2:00 pm: Ntalaganya vs Olulyo Olulangira
  – 4:00 pm: Nkerebwe vs Mmamba Namakaka

– Uganda Martyrs Lubaga Grounds:
  – 10:00 am: Ngaali vs Mmamba Kakoboza
  – 12:00 pm: Nvuma vs Njovu
  – 2:00 pm: Nvubu vs Ndiga
  – 4:00 pm: Mpewo vs Ngabi Nyunga

The final showdown of the 2024 Bika Byabaganda Football tournament is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 8th, at Muteesa II Stadium Wankulukuku.

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