April 22, 2024

Arua City – Sports Journalists form an Association.

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Arua – The absence of a proper forum for the sports journalists has for long been felt by the fraternity in Arua City and West Nile at large.

In light of this, the Sports journalists in Arua City have formed Arua City Sports Press Association (ASPA), an umbrella body that brings together all sports journalists in the city – (Radio, TV, Online, Print etc).

The association comprises of over 20 sports journalists from the five radio stations, television station and numerous online media in the city.

The association is currently run by an interim team made up of three members; Joel Gadafi (President), Kermundu Oscar (Hon. Secretary) and Devgan Mohamed (Treasurer).

ASPA has three levels of membership; Full Membership, Associate Membership and Honorary intended for retired or inactive sports journalists who have served the profession diligently.

“This association will allow us to advocate for and defend the moral and professional interests of members; promote their training and retraining; combat violence and deviation in sport.

“We shall use this as an opportunity to hold events that cover various causes. Whether they are social or informative events.

“Today in every sphere of life, the concept of sport has great importance and demonstrates itself. The developments pertaining to different sports branches are conveyed to large masses by means of the mass media.

The media monitors the sports world accordingly by means of the journalists specialized in this area. At this point, in order to enable the due coverage of various sports branches in the media and their being held in a more scientific and qualitative way, it is very important to provide and sustain specialization in sports journalism.

We’ll work with the different sports federations to ensure training of our members in understanding the terminologies in the different sports disciplines.

“I’m glad that there’s interest from the sports journalists themselves, otherwise all this wouldn’t be possible.”

The association has also been able to secure an office space at the Open Civic space located on the outskirts of the city on Plot 19 Caspero Oda Road, Off Anyafio Osuu Crescent in Arua City.

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