April 23, 2024

Butiki League match day 2 pulls a massive crowd. 

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Participating teams pose for a group photo before kick off of games on match day 2 Photo credit: wamimbi Denis

The butiki league match day 1 happened on the 30th April 2022 at st Henry’s soccer academy, kabalagala where 14 teams actively participated.

The match day 2 happened on Saturday 21st May 2022 at Arya Samaj play ground, kololo. This edition saw 15 teams swing in action.

Before matches kicking off, there was a speech by Dr Aggrey Batesaki, the Chairperson of the old Boys from butiki who appreciated the great initiative of the butiki league by the league chairperson mr Wanyela Samuel and his committee and he encouraged them not to give up because this helps people to unite and expand on their social capital.

Below are the teams that participated

  1. Kasadhakawo FC 
  2. Gwasaime FC 
  3. Guntu FC 
  4. White man FC
  5. winter FC
  6. Bugoma FC
  7. pizza Gaddafi FC
  8. jungle FC
  9. Blue dollar FC 
  10. Oweina FC
  11. O- five FC 
  12. Nyulya FC
  13. Makaya FC
  14. Aredo Dos vulgar FC
  15. Gayembe FC 

This match day had exciting fixtures where old boys of the 1990’s had to battle it with the young old boys of 2018 and so on. This didn’t stop the old men getting maximum points from the young boys. 

Maintaining his hard work and resilience on pitch, The previous MVP, Webster of Nyulya FC registered 4 goals on his name making a total of 10 goals after scoring 6 in match day. Despite his old age, size and weight he always delivers and through his efforts, Nyulya FC is on top of the table in the butiki league with 14 points from the 5 games played.

The next match day of the butiki league will happen on the 25th June 2022 at Arya Samaj play ground, kololo. 

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