May 19, 2024

Cromwell’s Header Seals Victory for NEC FC in Thrilling Encounter

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Cromwell’s Header Seals Victory for NEC FC in Thrilling Encounter

NEC FC emerged victorious over Kitara FC in a gripping showdown at the MTN Omondi Stadium. The match was marked by moments of brilliance, tense exchanges, and ultimately, a decisive goal that secured the win for NEC FC.

The first half saw both teams pushing hard to gain the upper hand. Omedi’s powerful kick for Kitara FC was expertly saved by NEC FC’s goalkeeper, Ochan.

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Moments later, Cromwel’s precise pass set up Okocha for a promising opportunity, only for him to be fouled at the edge of the box, resulting in a free-kick and a yellow card for the opposition.

Despite the advantageous position, Ssesaazi’s free-kick for NEC FC sailed over the bar, much to the frustration of the home crowd. However, NEC FC continued to press forward, with Geriga creating dangerous chances before being forced to receive treatment for an injury.

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As the clock ticked on, NEC FC intensified their attacks, determined to break the deadlock. After a series of blocked attempts and near misses, it was Rwothomio Cromwell who finally found the breakthrough with a spectacular header, courtesy of Joseph Dhata’s precise cross. The stadium erupted in cheers as NEC FC took the lead.

Despite a valiant effort from Kitara FC to mount a comeback, NEC FC held firm in defense, thwarting any attempts on goal and preserving their hard-earned lead until the final whistle.

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