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Isaac Isinde: I have played 66 caps with Uganda cranes.  

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Isaac Isinde before a Uganda Cranes match at Nambole stadium Photo credit: courtesy

I had a Question and Answer segment with the Legendary Uganda Cranes and Gaddafi FC center half Isaac Isinde. 

Who is Isaac Isinde?

Isaac Isinde is a Ugandan born on 16th April 1991. 

When did you start playing football? 

I started playing the beautiful game way back in Mwiri Primary School but I can say that I got the basics when I was at Kiira College Butiki and I am forever grateful to that school. 

When did you realize you had a dream in playing football? 

Truth be told I was born a footballer. I just think it was a calling from God because the most punishments I got were for playing football though my school life was not that easy. 

Isaac, which football academies did you go through?

I played in Alugina football club based in Jinja that’s where I started my football but all in all I give credit to my school Kiira College Butiki for building me into a good player. 

Where did your professional career begin from? 

The Ugandan league, it’s semi professional and I played for Iganga Town Council for two years then joined Simba FC. 

Then when we talk about professional, it was in the year 2009 when I left Uganda and joined St George in Ethiopia where I spent 7 years as a professional player.

How was life like in Ethiopia it being a foreign country and you stayed that long?

In Ethiopia it’s all about the weather, once you get acclimatized, your good to go and the style of play was my type so it was easy for me to fit in so easily.

In which other foreign countries have you played?

From Ethiopia, I went to Zambia where I played for 2 seasons with Buildcon F.C, I came back to Uganda then went to India. From there I came back to Kirinya Jinja SS the current Busoga United and then went back to Ethiopia. 

Isinde are you now settling to play in Uganda?

My dream is not to play here, I play here to keep fit as I wait on for deals to come in and as of now I have about two deal I am either looking to going back to Ethiopia or Tanzania in the near by future.

How do you rate your club performance, Gaddafi FC in previous season?

It being a debutant in the league, the goal was making sure the club stays in the league so us finishing in the 8th position on the table, I give credit to the boys for the hard work put in.

What was your best moment in the season?

The team surviving because that was the reason for my signing.

Who is the best player you have played with?

All the players I have and I play with are good and football is a learning process however Ibrahim Sekajja mentored me

When did you get your first National team call up?

My first call up was in 2007 when I was playing for Iganga Town Council and my debut was away against Burundi in a CHAN tournament and we won the game, it was a challenging moment on my side but I didn’t look back 

What has been your best moment with the Uganda cranes? 

For the 66 caps have played with the cranes, my best ever moment was when we qualified for AFCON after 38 years without qualifying.

What is your memorable moment in the game of football?

This came when I won 5 trophies in Ethiopia for the 7 years I was there 

What has been your difficult moment in football?

It was in AFCON 2017 when I fouled Asamoah  Gyan of Ghana in the penalty area and I caused that penalty, it was very challenging for me. I think I had better opportunities to go to various clubs all over the world but only that incident brought down all the good offers that were to come on the table. 

You being a legend on the National team, what’s your take on the current Uganda Cranes Squad and performance?

Most people call these players young but no one plays football on the national team when they are young. What I argue these players is to learn from us and work hard because I know hard work beats talent and they will achieve their set goals.

What gets you emotional?

Simple, when I am loosing a game.

Apart from football, what else does Isinde do?

I thank God that I invested wisely, I have apartments where I get rent and I have a maize milling factory based in Jinja. If an opportunity came I am sure I can supply my former school, Kiira College Butiki with Posho from my factory.

Who has been the toughest opponent you have faced?

Mohammed Salah of Egypt, he’s a very fast player in that 99% of your focus should be on him.

Who has been the best coach you have worked with and why that coach.

It’s coach Micho with no doubt because he believed in me and gave me an opportunity to play on the national team which was my dream 

In your last words, what advise would you give to a person who looks up to you?

You have to admire and set your personal goals then work hard towards achieving that goal as you front God. 

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