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“It was a dream come true playing with Denis Onyango and Murushid  Juuko.” Sc Villa’s Defender Gavin Kizito.

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Gavin kizito in a match against KCCA at Phillip omondi stadium, Lugogo Photo credit: SC Villa

I caught up with Uganda Cranes and SC Villa’s young defender Gavin kizito in a one on one interview. He talks about his life in the national camp and at the club, best achievement,toughest opponent and the kind of music his ears listen to.

Who is Gavin Kizito?

I am known as Gavin Kizito Mugweri and a musoga by tribe. Am 20 years of age.

Where are you from and names of your parents?

I am from jinja district. My father is Mugweri Steven from jinja district and my mum is Nakajili Annet from Luwero district. Let me take this opportunity to let everyone that would wish to burry me when that time comes, they will have to travel to jinja.

When did you start playing football?

I started playing the beautiful game right from my primary three but serious football I was in p.6 at kasanga and started playing school competitions.

Where did you attend your secondary education from?

I did attend a number of institutions here, For my form one, my dad had to take me back to Luwero to my uncle’s school called Brilliant College because they wanted me to focus on books not football but still as a wise young boy I would escape to go and play football.

At some point my parents had to realize I loved soccer so much and they had no option apart from supporting me.

I was taken to London college in my F.3 because of football and while there I was with the likes of kasule, Titus etc. unfortunately when I was promoted to F.4 my dad had to take me bck to my uncle’s school In Luwero because he insisted I had to pass so highly with good grades in UCE if I wanted to continue with football.

In A -level I joined St Mary’s Kitende and that’s where people started knowing Gavin.

Which academy’s have you played for?

Before joining high school I was in different step ups. To begin with Sc Villa young which I joined around 2015 at the age of 13 but things didn’t go on well at that time.

I then joined URA where I met my coach the late, Kyiyemba Sulaiman. RIP. I love him so much because he believed in me and always showed me the way.

I did play for the junior Vipers SC since I was at kitende and played for the school as well.

How does Gavin spend his time off pitch?

I just love spending my life at home the mere fact I leave training when am tired and then in the evening I feel what I had in training is not enough for me so i take an effort to do extra training like some gym to better me as a player. 

What kind of music do you listen to?

Actually am a staunch music lover I can listen to any good music it just depends on the vibe am in at that particular moment though I personally love the BET award winner, Eddy kenzo because he is someone who advises me on a number of things.

From the look of things, your club SC Villa is not performing to the expectations. What’s your take on that?

Personally I will take this like any other person in business where you invest in but things don’t turn up and so it’s us the Villa players, we train so hard and when we go for matches we give in all our efforts but things tend out to be like that but all in all God knows better for us we just don’t have to give up.

For the three seasons you have so far played in the startimes UPL, who is your toughest opponent you have ever faced?

Actually my debut was against Vipers SC in Nambole under floodlights but Fahadi bayo the former venom was a tough opponent and now it’s Cesar Manzoki however all the players in the UPL are good.

Not so many months ago, you did convert to Islam. What brought about that?

I just took a personal decision because it’s something I loved to do From my heart.

How do you feel being captain U20 that led the Uganda hippos to the AFCON final?

All I can say it’s my best achievement in  life and up to now I feel so happy and proud though we lost the game but still we thank God for that far we reached.

You’re a young player consistently summoned on the national team, Uganda cranes. How did you feel on your first call up?

I was so happy actually this is my second best achievement. Well I got the news when in Mauritania for the AFCON U20 competition since we had no phones my coach, Morley came to my room and said “Gavin you are summoned on the national team.”

I couldn’t believe it however he asked me not to be taken up by that rather to remain focused because we were still at quarter finals.

When did you make your debut on the national team?

I remember it was against Malawi and I was on bench then Mukibi got an injury and I was the only defender on bench, I was introduced on pitch to replace him.

How did you feel sharing the same stage with the likes of Denis Onyango, Aucho Khalid, Murushid Juuko etc.

It was a dream come true playing with Denis Onyango and Murushid Juuko because am inspired by those guys. However I was nervous but still I want to thank Onyango he kept calling my name and telling me, “Gavin do what you do best and I will do the rest.”

With whom do you share a room in the national camp?

Usually it’s Kenneth ssemakula since we are both from the same club,SC Villa but I always associate with Vipers’ skipper Halid Lwaliwa. I always go to his room we jazz, we make fun and learn something from him as well.

What is your best moment in your football career?

Captaining the U20 Uganda hippos to the AFCON finals and being summoned on the national team, Uganda cranes.

What has been your worst moment in football?

It was in Burundi where we had gone to represent the U17 national team, the Uganda cubs and we were to play against Somalia in the semi finals and everyone was like that’s already a win for us because Somalia was a low team unfortunately we lost the game. It’s at that point where I felt I should quit football.

I remember locking myself in my room and kept crying asking myself questions how could Somalia eliminate us from the competitions.

Who is the best coach you have worked with?

I love all my coaches because everyone adds a mileage onto me however I give much credit to my coach the late Kyiyemba Sulaiman because he was that one person who showed me the way and never gave up on me.

Like any other local based player, one would which to play professional football probably in the Europe. Which team would you love to play for in Europe?

All I can say Allah knows better because I personally I don’t have the powers to say that I want to play for a certain club yet Allah has His own plans perhaps I would love to play for Manchester United because it’s I club I support. But I will play for any club that Allah wishes me to play for.

What do you intend to do after retiring from football?

I pray to God to give me more wisdom and blessings to work more harder when am still a youth so that by the time I retire. I be able to have my investments like real estates where I can generate income to help me together with my family and friends.

What is your best dish?

My only and only meal is rice. I can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner then the following day as well. When I take a day without eating rice I feel ill.

Which other game do you love to play besides football?

All my life is football nothing else. Even when am home or off season I still play FIFA . Maybe some little bit of swimming because I like it and watch the competitions if at all I have some free time.

Do you regret taking football as a profession?

NO, I don’t regret. Football has made me move places I thought I would never reach and it has opened me to a number of friends.

In your last words, what advice would you give to someone who looks up to you?

To put God first In everything you do, respect your parents so much, be a highly disciplined lad and hardworking. You need to decide on what you want to do in life, if it’s football then sacrifice the rest of things and give much time to football, respect your coaches.

Treat everyone with a kind heart no matter there age. Lastly, don’t ever give up on yourself no matter what, your time is coming.

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