May 18, 2024

Magogo Labels Critics of Namboole Unfair Ahead of Official Handover

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Magogo Labels Critics of Namboole Unfair Ahead of Official Handover

FUFA President, Moses Magogo, defended the ongoing renovation works at the Mandela National Stadium, Namboole. Magogo emphasized that while challenges have been identified during the Namboole Test Games, focusing solely on these obstacles is unjust, especially considering that the contractor is yet to hand over the completed project.

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A lot of football lovers graced the Namboole Test Games last Wednesday

“We observed and identified the challenges and this was the purpose of the Namboole Test Games. If you concentrate on only the challenges then you are not fair because the contractor is yet to handover,” Magogo remarked.

Magogo further highlighted the efforts being made by FUFA to press the contractors to expedite the completion of pending works. “The efforts we are making are to ensure that we host our games here and we expect a decision in about a week or two. Some of the pending issues the contractors have assured us will be complete by that time.”

The revamped Namboole Stadium.

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Addressing the anticipation surrounding the decision on hosting matches at Namboole, Magogo expressed optimism. “We expect a decision on hosting the matches in June here at Namboole very soon,” he affirmed. “Despite the ongoing renovation works, as FUFA, we are committed to ensuring that the stadium is ready to welcome our teams and fans.”

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