May 19, 2024

Namboole Stadium Set for UPL Doubleheader: A Test Event on the Road to Reopening

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Federation of Uganda Football Association (FIFA) has confirmed the readiness of Mandela National Stadium (Namboole) to host test games. The stadium is gearing up for an exciting event on May 1st, 2024, as it prepares to host a @UPL doubleheader.


The selected games will feature @Bulfc1 facing off against @VipersSC, while @KCCAFC will take on @SCVillaJogoo.

Namboole Now ( Courtesy Nile Post)

These matches are not just ordinary fixtures; they are part of the test events leading up to the official re-opening of the stadium.

The significance of these test events lies in their role as requirements by @CAF_Online. These tests are essential steps to ensure that the stadium meets the standards necessary to host international games.

With anticipation building, fans are eager to witness the action and support their favorite teams in this pivotal moment for Mandela National Stadium.

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