April 22, 2024

Nyulya FC are the champions of the Butiki league season 2. 

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Chief guest, Counsel Julius Galisonga hands over the trophy to champions, Nyulya FC

The Butiki league season 2 grand finale happened on Saturday 29th October 2022 at St Henry’s sports center, kabalagala with a huge turnup. A number of 16 teams participated this season. 

Nyulya FC, a cohort of 1999-2004 were crowned champions with 36 points and 8 points above second-placed Kasadhakawo FC. Nyulya FC was unbeaten in all the games played. 

The Nyulya FC sharpshooter in Webster was the overall top scorer with 20 goals on his name and he walked away with a golden trophy. His counterpart Lwanga Joseph was the best goalkeeper with 10/14 clean sheets. 

Top scorer of the league, Webster(red) in action his side Nyulya FC

The entire class has been one team. The engagement goes on to grow by the day in different aspects of life. The class has supported the team financially and we have been able to facilitate our players coming from upcountry. Consistency has been critical for our success. As a class, we used to be very competitive in school and occasionally organized our competitions. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and we mitigate them. Our focus has always been winning every game and we didn’t waiver from it.” Muwanguzi Dan, captain of Nyulya FC told RabSports. 

There was a tight race for the 1st runners-up position as Bugoma FC was beaten by one point and finished second runners-up. 

We  played several friendlies in preparation for the finale and I am happy we have finished 1st runners-up however next season our goal is to be champions come what may.” Epau  Ivan captain Kasadhakawo FC. 

Epau reacts after his side conceding a goal.

On winning their first game in the season against Guntu FC, the team known for having the best vibes in the league, 0- five FC couldn’t believe it and their excitement was not the usual one. The league applauded this cohort with an accolade for always bringing life to match days regardless of the team results. 

Mildred of NTV poses for a photo with 0-Five FC players

The finale was graced by counsel Julius Galisonga Kibande founder of Galisonga and Co. Advocates as the chief guest and he took the onus of presiding over the trophy to the champions and he pledged to support the Butiki league in any way. 

At the culmination of all games, at half past 5 PM, the highly anticipated select match between Butiki legends and the Butiki league champions kicked off. The legends shocked the crowd as they edged past the Butiki league champions in a 3-2 win. 

Table standings as of the last match day in the Butiki league season 2

  1. Nyulya FC
  2. Kasadhakawo FC
  3. Bugoma FC
  4. Aredo FC 
  5. White man FC
  6. Mines FC 
  7. Jungle FC 
  8. Oweina FC 
  9. Gayembe FC 
  10. Gwasaime FC 
  11. Makaya FC 
  12. Guntu FC 
  13. Blue dollar FC 
  14. Pizza Gaddafi FC 
  15. Winter FC. 
  16. O-five FC 

The Butiki league season 3 will resume early next year.

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