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One of the greatest boxing middleweight fights in recent time, Jermain Taylor took on Kassim the dream Ouma in little Rock Arkansas in the hood of Taylor 15years ago

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Ouma agianst Jermain

Ouma against Jermain

On this Saturday May 1st, we look back  into one of the greatest boxing middleweight fights in recent time. Jermain Taylor took on Kassim the dream Ouma in little Rock Arkansas in the hood of Taylor 15years ago.

Ouma  born in Gulu a village town in Uganda at the time, He was kidnapped and taken as a child soldier at age 6. Given his talent in boxing, Ouma joined the military boxing team at a young age where he could start on his journey to stardom. It was in 1997 that Ouma defected from the Ugandan military army when the Uganda Armature boxing team toured the states to take part in various boxing tournaments.

Jermain Taylor began boxing at age 16 later  going on to win a bronze medal for team USA in the Sydney Summer Olympics in 2000. Before Taylor could take on Ouma he had previously drawn against Winky Wright  unexpectedly and won against dangerous Bernard Hopkins.

His Opponent Kassim The dream Ouma the former IBF junior middleweight champion of the world, a title he had won against Verno Phillips and defended it against Ghana’s Kofi Jantuah before he could lose it against hard puncher Roman Karmazin unanimously.

Kasim Ouma against Jermain

The Fight
On the Saturday night 09/12/2006 in little Rock Arkansas, Jermain Taylor nicknamed “Bad intentions” and Kassim Ouma nicknamed the “The dream” where more than than ready to face-off. Dressed in black shorts and red gloves Jermain Taylor with a height of 6’1″ /185cm an orthodox puncher was taller than Ouma dressed in green shorts and green gloves with a height of 5’7″/173cm a South paw puncher.

In the first round Jermain Taylor hurt Ouma with a hard right upper hook which staggered him almost knocking him down.
In round two and three neither fighter seemed to take any risks as just smooth jabs where exchanged between the two fighters therefore not bringing any harm   to either fight. As the fight progressed Jermain Taylor began to tire and Ouma continued to dominate him before he punched him hard bringing a cut on his head.

The Scorecard
Towards the end of the fight The dream looked more ineffective with his punches and jabs as Taylor went on to use his jabs and right hand and left punches before going on to win unanimously with a score of 118-110 117-111and 115-113 by the 3judges of the day.what a day of boxing it was!!

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