May 19, 2024

Safety and Security Standards – Dixon Okello Names Top Clubs in Ugandan Football

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Safety and Security Standards – Dixon Okello Names Top Clubs in Ugandan Football

Renowned FIFA and CAF Safety and Security Officer Dixon Bond Okello has highlighted the top clubs in the country that excel in ensuring the well-being of fans and players alike. With the specter of hooliganism looming over many sporting events, Okello’s recognition underscores the importance of proactive measures taken by clubs to maintain a secure environment.

Topping the list is KCCA FC, a club renowned not only for its on-field prowess but also for its commitment to safety protocols and the deployment of diligent stewards. With a reputation for impeccable organization, KCCA FC sets the standard for others to follow in terms of maintaining a safe and secure stadium environment.

MTN Omondi Stadium (Courtesy photo)

Closely following is NEC FC, whose dedication to safety measures has not gone unnoticed. The club’s emphasis on crowd control and the efficient deployment of stewards has contributed significantly to the overall security at their matches, earning them a well-deserved spot among the top stadiums in the country.

VIPERS SC also earns recognition for its proactive approach to safety and security. With a focus on crowd management strategies and a robust stewarding system in place, VIPERS SC ensures that fans can enjoy matches in a safe and controlled environment, setting a positive example for other clubs to emulate.

St. Mary’s Stadium, Kitende (Courtesy photo)

Rounding off the list is LUGAZI FC, whose commitment to safety standards has not gone unnoticed by Okello. Through the deployment of vigilant stewards and effective crowd control measures, LUGAZI FC demonstrates a clear dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of all attendees at their matches.

Lugazi FC Stadium (Courtesy photo)

As football continues to unite communities across Uganda, the importance of maintaining safe and secure stadiums cannot be overstated. With the spotlight on these exemplary clubs, the message is clear: together, let’s say no to hooliganism and ensure that football remains a source of joy for all.

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