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Ogwang Emmanuel- I aim to help my team win the University league trophy.  

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Ogwang Emmanuel(white) in action against Ndejje university in the university league Photo credit: courtesy

Rab Sports News caught up with the skilled Uganda Martyrs winger, Ogwang Emmanuel, and shared his experience in football and the University league in particular 

Tell us, who is Ogwang Emmanuel?

Ogwang Emmanuel is a simple young man. Born in a family of eight of which am fourth. Am catholic by faith. 

May you take us through your educational background?

I had my lower primary from kindergarten primary school in Busia district and then proceeded to York primary school Bugiri I then joined Kiira College Butiki for my O- level and then St Peters College Tororo for my A-level. Currently, I am at Uganda martyrs University Nkozi.

What course are you doing at Uganda martyrs university and which year are you in?

Am pursuing a diploma in computer science and information technology and am in my first year.

Is this your first Season in the Pepsi university football league?

Yeah, this is my first season playing in the university league and it’s an amazing experience.

What is that moment of you in the games you have so far played in the Pepsi University Football league?

Our home game against Gulu university where I put up a good performance to the point that my coach was so happy and I felt it too.

Making it to the semi-finals is not easy, what’s that different thing you guys have made that the rest of the teams haven’t?

Trust is one of the pillars on which we have built our team. From the administrators to the last player, we all trust each other and this has created a certain kind of bond that one would consider to be family. We have lived together not for the longest time but we have bonded together so I would think the trust and brotherhood have brought us this far.

In the semi-finals, it’s confirmed you guys will be taking on the defending champions, UCU. How prepared are you as a player?

Well playing a defending champion is a test that no one would prefer but now that it happens to be this way it’s tough and challenging they should also expect a team of solid boys that will want to put up a challenge. And to me as a player, I have done everything in my power to ensure that am in shape and ready for the game so I should say I am 95% ready for the battle.

What’s your strength on the pitch?

Am a forward player and my strength is shooting power dribbling speed is also another weapon I would consider has brought me this far

How do you manage to balance both books and football?

Well it has not been easy I should say but if it’s time for books, you won’t find me on the pitch and if it’s time for soccer, I mean business both in training and matches. 

Who has been the toughest opponent so far in the competitions?

We have not met that team that has given us hard time because we won all our home games and won one away game so in my opinion, we have not met that kind of opponent yet

What’s your main obligation of featuring in the university league competitions?

To win the university league trophy but for an individual case, I would say to score as many goals as possible and even become the top score of the university league.

As a footballer, should we presume you are on a bursary at Uganda Martyrs, if not? How would you wish the university board to handle such a situation?

Yeah, I am no bursary and I should make it clear that I was so lucky to be among the few who were chosen among the hundreds that came for trials.

Which people do you attribute to your playing football?

My mother, I can’t thank her enough because she has been my first fan, she has watched all my games, and then all managers and my coaches who have been so supportive because they have added a brick onto my career.

When did you realize that you had the talent to play football?

To be honest not so long ago because for me football was a hobby and it’s where I always found peace until I started taking it seriously at that moment I was lucky I should say to have been called for trials at Uganda martyrs University and before I knew it I was shortlisted so I would not say so long ago

Who is your role model in the game of football?

I don’t have a role model I just have idols because I learn a thing or two from every player.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

To play in the top flight or even outside the country because that’s the dream however, I will keep hard working and leave the rest to God.

Are you playing for any club or have you ever featured in the Buganda Masaaza cup?

I play for a regional team in Busia where I have been most of my life. I was to play for mawokota in the masaaza cup unfortunately we failed to agree. 

What makes Emmanuel happy?

If my friends and family are happy, I am happy. I front other people’s happiness before mine.

Where would you wish to play professional football from?

Everybody wants to play in the premier league but surprising I would love to go to Turkey Based on my research I love their food and culture I just love everything about them.

In your last words, what should the Uganda martyrs fans expect ahead of the semi-finals?

The fans should expect the best of the best. From the training, we have had and the preparations we have undergone, and the trust we have in our team, they should expect the best that they have never seen in the history of this league. And especially I would love to thank them for the undying love and support they have shown us and we shall not let them down. May God bless you all. 

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