June 21, 2024

UCU goalkeeper- My target is to win the university trophy and the golden glove.

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Wesonga John Collins in action for his side UCU in the Pepsi university football league. Photo credit: courtesy

Rab Sports had a one on one interview with the talented UCU custodian, Wesonga John Collins and he shared his ambitions in the game of football as a goal keeper.

Who is Wesonga John Collins?

Wesonga John Collins a goalkeeper and student of UCU. 

Tell us the course you are doing at UCU and the year because people out there say most players in the university league are not students.


And well, I don’t know about other institutions but at UCU all footballers are students. 

How do you feel being the first choice goal keeper for the defending champions of the university league?

I feel so proud of being UCU’s first choice goalkeeper. This has helped me improve and expose my talent since I have playing time.  And by the way it’s quite demanding to represent the badge since everyone always expects the best of you at every points and this drives me to working harder. 

How can you rate the team’s performance and how many clean sheets do you have in the eight games played so far?

The team performs so well and as a unit in and outside the pitch. We’re not just a group of people who gather to play football but a group of individuals with goals that we want to achieve together. 

And because of that, I’ve managed to keep 5 cleansheets out of the 8 games we have played. 

What is that moment of you in the games you have so far played in the Pepsi University Football league?

The moment is when I helped my team win a game against IUEA at home by giving an assist to Ofoyrwoth Isaac. That made me so happy. 

Wesonga(white) celebrates with his team mate after qualif For semis

How do you manage to balance both books and playing football?

It’s not easy, it’s tiring, stressing and demanding since lecturers want to see you in class and coaches want to see you train. But yeah, what keeps me going is communication, I talk to lecturers and coaches and make them understand what I do every time. I personally make sure I attend classes daily and train daily as well. This teaches me responsibility. 

Which team would wish to face at the semi finals that you think you can easily edge past as we wait for the draws.

The league started with 22 team and now we’re only four of which I believe there is no any weak team that can make it to this level. I’m just ready for any team coz I believe all of them are good. 

What’s your target as a goalkeeper for the title contenders of the University football league this season? 

My target is to help my team win the university league and I personally to win the golden glove. 

Wesonga, how prepared are you for the semi finals and finals if at all you qualify?

It’s not been easy to be at the semi finals, I have had sleepless nights, done alot of preps for this level so I believe I’m 110% ready for it. 

Does UCU give bursaries or winning bonuses to sportsmen, if no. What’s you say on that and how would you wish it to be handled?

Let me take this opportunity to thank UCU’s board because they’ve valued our talents so much and offered bursaries to us. Thank you so much. 

When did you start playing the game of football?

I started playing football back in my primary school days when I was in primary four. 

Who motivated you to play football and not any other sport and why goal keeping?

I come from a family that has always motivated me to play football because they love the game. 

Sometimes I call it funny when I sit down and remember how I started goalkeeping. I was at Jinja College for my form one, I used to play defense but I was motivated by a goalkeeper who was in the same class but  was then at true vine soccer academy in Tororo. He was good and since I love competition, I used my pocket money, bought a pair of gloves, went to goal so as I can out compete him and this is how my goalkeeping career started. This goalkeeper was Otyengi Andrew currently playing for Mubs. 

What is your greatest achievement in football?

I have so far managed to play different competitions in high school, I played the national post primaries four times, managed to make it out of the group stages twice but unfortunately I always lost it at the round of 16.

I played Buganda secondary schools league in 2019 with Masaka SS and lost it at the semi finals against Kitende. 

I played UMEA, a secondary school tonourment for only Islamic school in my last year in high school( 2019) with Masaka SS and managed to win it. 

Wesonga, which club do you play for and have you ever featured in the Buganda masaza tournament? 

I play for Catda fc which is in the Kampala regional league. 

This season I didn’t feature in the masaza tournament because of the dedications I have at the university but I played for Bussujju saza fc in 2020, we made it to the quarter finals and mawogola saza fc in 2021. 

What challenges have you so far?encountered in the game of football?

There is less support in the industry, it’s very hard to get that someone who can push you and help you achieve in football. 

What gets you emotional?

When a ball goes to my net. As a goal keeper my hope is to keep a clean so whenever I concede, I feel so bad.

Do you have  intentions of playing professional football after university and if yes, which club would you wish to join?

Yes I do dream and believe that I’m going to play professional football after my university. 

I dream of playing in Europe, for Mamelodi sundowns  of South Africa and AL Ahly of Egypt. And in Uganda its Vipers SC and Kcca FC. 

What are your last remarks and what should UCU fans expect ahead of the knock out games?

I would love to thank the board of UCU for investing in football, thank my coaches and team mates for the hard work we’ve put in so far, it hasn’t been easy to be at the semi finals today but all I want to remind them is that we’re defending champions, we’re not competing for positions but defending the trophy.

The fans should expect good results and football that is enjoyable.

I thank everyone plus the media. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL. 


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