May 18, 2024

Tennis – Q&A with Turu Nas, West Nile’s first seed

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"Tennis is a non-traditional game. It's a game that has been introduced by foreigners. So that means not a lot of people get the chance to know or play it"

Tenis – Q&A with Turu Nas, West Nile’s first seed

Turu is a hugely passionate tennis player. He’s been West Nile’s first seed for a couple of years, and has represented the region in multiple national competitions.

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Rab Sports News caught up with him at Arua Lawn Tennis Association court in Arua city.

Left to right: Gamdad Yaser, Turu Nas and Joseph

Introduce yourself.
Turu Nas is my name, West Nile’s first seed and coach player.

When did Tennis start in West Nile?
Tennis in West Nile was started way back at the time the colonialists came. Since they (colonialists) left, we took care and charge of the game.

What do you do at Arua Lawn Tennis Association?
We do trainings and we also have other clubs affiliated to us. We also train people who are interested in tennis and those who play tennis. So, it’s more of a club and association as well since it’s the only Tennis club in West Nile.

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How unique is Tennis?
Tennis is a non-traditional game. It’s a game that has been introduced by foreigners. So that means not a lot of people get the chance to know or play it. Tennis is majorly played by people who have gone to schools that have tennis courts or other visitors and people who have love for the game as well.

Gamdad Yaser training at Arua LAwn Tennis court in Arua city

Who plays at Lawn Tennis Court?
Everyone around the world. The whole world comes here. The expatriates, people working with NGOs, the locals, kids, everyone.

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We’ve heard rumors about a takeover of the land where the tennis court is situated. Who is incharge of the court for now?
The court is in our hands. We are the ones running tennis activities here. But however, anyone who would love to come and invest and work with us is welcome.

What is your training schedule?
We normally train on appointments. Some people train at 7am before they go for work, others come after work.

Joseph attempts to play the tennis ball at a training session

What major challenges do you face?
We have financial issues. We normally import our equipment, for instance during the (COVID-19) lockdown, we couldn’t import (equipment), and then the game went down because of the restriction on sports activities and also, most of our players are foreigners.

What are your last words to the people out there?
Everyone out there can come and join the game of tennis. You can all come and have fun and we play the game together. Anyone who would like to invest and work together with us is most welcome.

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