May 19, 2024

The Barcelona Saga continues.

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Dubbed by Xavi as a final , Barcelona went into this fixture looking for a result that could very well define their campaign this season due to having lost to Benfica and Bayern by a score line of 3:0 respectively. The Catalans knew they had to give it their all despite having a team full of youngsters.

Yusuf Demir received the two best opportunities of the Catalan side but all came agonizingly close . However ex Mancity and now Benfica skipper Otamendi thought he had opened the scoring only to be disappointed by VAR as the ball had gone out of play which generally marked an end to the first period.

In the second period, chances were far in between despite the inclusion of Dembele who is from an injury. However, the golden opportunity befell the visitors who were left in a 2 versus 1 situation with Andre ter stegen the Barca goalie but somehow failed to convert ,Ending another disappointing display by the la liga giants.

Barcelona’s problems seem to be far from over yet as many fans are again left unsatisfied as their conversion rate hasn’t been impressive for a longtime now and want the players to take responsibility with the likes of Ousmanne Dembele , Philippe Coutinho and Memphis Depay to lead the youngsters just like Messi used to.

However on the bright side they are still on second spot on the table 2 points clear of today’s opponents. But this is a twist in the tale of the team that seems to be a shadow of their former self.

Final score
Barcelona 0 : 0 Benfica

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