May 29, 2024

The Butiki League returns after two years with a huge crowd.  

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Webster of Nyulya FC celebrating after scoring a goal with his team mates Photo credit: butiki league

The Butiki League is the league organized and played by old boys of kiira College Butiki. This is one of the most sounding traditional schools in Uganda based in jinja.

The mission of this league is to strengthen and preserve the tradition and solidarity of kiira college Butiki through sports activities while positively impacting the community around.

This year’s edition was the 2nd. The first edition was on 5th September 2019 the year when the butiki league commenced but then it was brought to a halt due the the corona virus pandemic that affected almost everything globally. 

Seven teams did participate in the first edition and the turn out was exceptional. The reigning champions the butiki league are kasadhakawo FC cohort of 2008-2013.

This year’s participating teams came up to a number of 16 

  1. Blue dollar FC 
  2. Kasadhakawo FC 
  3. Gwasaime FC 
  4. Guntu FC 
  5. White man FC
  6. winter FC
  7. Bugoma FC
  8. pizza Gaddafi FC
  9. jungle FC
  10. Yellow market FC
  11. Oweina FC
  12. O- five FC 
  13. Nyulya FC
  14. Makaya FC
  15. Aredo Dos vulgar FC
  16. Gayembe FC 

The above football club names may sound hilarious to one however those names are selected from past experiences, slang, and tradition from K.C.Butiki.

For a team to be legible to participate in the butiki league, they must be Old boys organized in their class cohorts and make a subscription fee of 1.5M. This fee is paid to the butiki league account number, 

1036201339214 in Equity bank under the names of KYESIMIRA, Gimui & Musigire

This money is utilized to pay for the pitch, PA system, tents and chairs, referees, photography, advertisements, goal posts and transportation. 

This year’s edition took place at st Henry’s soccer academy in kabalagal Saturday 30th April 2022. 

Debutant Nyulya FC (1999-2004) being the oldest cohort put up an amazing performance that left revealers astonished. Each team played three games and Nyulya won 2 and drew one game. 

The MVP of the day was Webster from Nyulya FC, despite of his age and weight, he registered 6 goals on his name and displayed skills and talent on the ball. 

The top scorer of the day was Mboizi Ivan of team Oweina FC with 9 goals.

Aredo FC is topping the league table after winning all its 3 games with 9 points.

The Butiki League 3rd edition will again resume in May and the date shall be communicated later. 

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