April 23, 2024

Why premier league clubs are dominating European football.

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Why are premier league clubs flying on the European stage. ? Manchester United , Chelsea , Liverpool and Manchester City are all through to the round of 16 while the likes of Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and AC Milan are only holding on by a thread with one match left to go in the group stages.

Barcelona have to pass the huge haddle of Bayern Munich in their final group game if they are to reach the knockouts, but as history shows , Barcelona might find itself in the European League despite showing signs of improvements as of late as the previous encounters between the two saw Bayern run riot past Barcelona.

Unlike their counterparts, Premier league clubs waltzed through with only Manchester United facing a surprise defeat to Young Boys fc. However the surprise display was by Chelsea, liverpool and Man City that bullied their way through with the Citizens dominating both fixtures against the Parisians despite their star studded squad.


1.Financial Backing.

Premier league clubs have the most expensive squads in all of Europe with Manchester City topping all of European clubs. Due to that, Best of the best are encouraged to compete amongst themselves producing spectacular performances on the continental stage, with Cristiano Ronaldo a legend joining them and already making an impact. Also Billionaires want to own and display their financial capabilities with Newcastle United recently becoming the riches club in the world.

2.World Class Manager’s and Coaching Staff.

With Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel plus other world class Managers it’s no surprise for such a performance. This further show as the current PSG boss is willing to quit to join Manchester United as Tottenham have recently acquired the services of Antonio Conte.

  1. 3. Effective Team building and premier league rules and Regulations

Unlike other leagues, the evolving nature of the league as it has produced some great talents like Trent Alexander Arnold, Phil Ogden that have enabled them to quickly get solutions in their squad deficiencies hence reducing Reliance on buying overpriced players from else where which also doesn’t give immediate solutions to their problems as players have to integrate into new environments.

Hence it will prove not a shook if they again claim the Champions league trophy 2021 but also other European competitions like the Conference league.
So who do you think will win it.

2.Manchester United .
3.Liverpool .
4.Manchester City.
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