May 29, 2024

Manchester United to face Atletico Madrid in UEFA champions league redraw.

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After yesterday’s errors in the champions league draws with Manchester United initially being draw with UEFA Europa league champions Villarreal with it being the first major error as they were from the same group which was later overturned, the second one came as Manchester United was entirely removed and not included in the draws which ended with them getting drawn with PSG which left especially Manchester United fans quarreling wanting a redraw.

Hence the redraw today after the UEFA conference league draw. This has left Atletico Madrid getting a draw with Manchester United, Chelsea against Lille and Villarreal against Juventus.

Full Champions League round of 16 draw

Salzburg vs Bayern Munich
Sporting CP vs Manchester City
Benfica vs Ajax
Chelsea vs Lille
Atletico Madrid vs Manchester United
Villarreal vs Juventus
Inter Milan vs Liverpool
Paris Saint-Germain vs Real Madrid

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