April 13, 2024

NBS Sport and Rugby Union Seal Broadcast Deal

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"We are delighted to have a partnership with the Uganda Rugby Union because our vision is to transform Ugandan sports since we made a promise to Champion Ugandan Sport" - Joe Kigozi

NBS and Rugby Union Seal Broadcast Deal

NBS Sport, a company of Next Media Services and the Uganda Rugby Union, have this morning announced a partnership that sees NBS Sport as the official media partner of Uganda Rugby.

The partnership package includes live streaming of rugby games, profiling rugby players and coverage of everything to do with rugby.

According to Ramsey Olinga, the Chief technical Officer at Uganda Rugby Union, the partnership is very vital because it will help the rugby union review games and assess referees to give real time feedback which will help in the growth of the sport.

Uganda Rugby Union CTO Ramsey Olinga at the launch of the media partnership between NBS Sport and Uganda Rugby Union.

Meanwhile Joe Kigozi, the General Manager at NBS Sport noted that the partnership will provide visibility for the sport.

“This partnership is strategic and relevant to Ugandans because there are so many who need to know about rugby as a sport but can’t make it to the field. We also need to raise the profiles of these players by televising these games.”

“This partnership does not only benefit the Uganda Rugby Union but it will help profile the players and attract the private sector who will invest more into the sport,” he added.

Joe Kigozi, GM NBS Sport represented the media house at the launch.

Joe also annulled fears that NBS Sport will have monopoly over rugby games coverage.

“Our partnership isn’t to block any media house. We are the official broadcast partner and have the live-streaming rights. Media houses are welcome to use our footage as long as they video credit us.”

NBS Sport has already secured partnerships with various federations which include among others; the Federation of Uganda Basketball AssociationsUganda Boxing FederationUganda Athletics FederationFederation of Motorsports Clubs of Uganda, the Pool Association of Uganda, and Uganda Chess Federation.

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