May 19, 2024

Zambia Women’s Football: Olympic Dreams in Peril Amidst FIFA Scrutiny.

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The Zambia women’s football team faces a looming exclusion from the upcoming Olympics as FIFA issues a stern warning to suspend the nation’s football association (FAZ).

Allegations of money laundering against FAZ president Andrew Kamanga and claims of undue influence by external parties have triggered this threat.

Kamanga and his cohorts were recently charged by Zambia’s drug enforcement commission for purportedly securing government funds under dubious circumstances.

These funds are alleged to have funded trips for FAZ representatives to the Africa Cup of Nations earlier this year.

Despite vehemently denying these charges, FIFA’s scrutiny has intensified, prompting their member associations officer, Kenny Jean-Marie, to demand documents pertaining to the allegations from FAZ.

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In the midst of the legal storm surrounding Kamanga and his circle, FIFA has instructed FAZ to proceed with their scheduled Annual General Meeting (AGM), defying an injunction filed in Zambia’s high court.

However, the AGM has been thwarted by a judge’s decision to uphold the injunction, leading to a postponed hearing scheduled for Thursday.

Despite the team’s recent qualification for the Olympic Games, uncertainty shrouds their future amidst ongoing investigations and administrative chaos within the football association.

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