May 19, 2024

Who’s the scapegoat? Magogo and Kasingye clash on X

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In a recent exchange that sparked debate within Uganda’s football community, two prominent figures, Moses Magogo and Asan Kasingye, found themselves at odds over the importance of supporting local clubs versus foreign football.

The discussion was ignited by remarks made by Moses Magogo, President of the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA).

BUL FC vs Vipers SC ( 01.05.2024)

Magogo, in his statement, expressed gratitude towards a one Sandra Lian for her unwavering support of Ugandan club football, particularly emphasizing the impact it could have on nurturing local talent.

He stated, “Thank you so much Sandra Lian for supporting Ugandan club football more so back home unlike  Asan KAsingye who is rooting for foreign football. If we all supported our clubs we can create an opportunity for Okello, Byaruhanga, Muzaale, Kirungi, Mukasa, Onzivu etc.”

However, Asan Kasingye, the spokesperson for SC Villa, swiftly responded, defending his stance on the matter. He highlighted his contributions to local football and questioned the implication that he prioritizes foreign football over domestic leagues.

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Kasingye emphasized his dedication to SC Villa and offered to remove any social media posts that may suggest otherwise, saying, “Let me post here just few of the work that I have done for local football… Let me remind you that I am Spox for SC Villa. They aren’t complaining.”

The exchange underscored differing perspectives within the Ugandan football community regarding the best approach to supporting and developing local talent.

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While some advocate for increased backing of domestic clubs, others argue for a more nuanced approach that acknowledges the efforts already being made within the country.

KCCA FC vs SC Villa ( 01.05.24 )

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